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Why Us?

Flat rates, predictable pricing

No surprises here. Subscribe to our plan and pay the same amount every month. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Why Us?

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Experience a smooth and hassle-free journey with us. Enjoy the utmost convenience in managing your projects as you effortlessly monitor progress along the way.


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It's time to stop chasing after designers that are unreliable and expensive.
Get your very own design team for a fraction of the cost.
It's time to stop chasing after designers that are unreliable and expensive. Get your very own design team for a fraction of the cost.
It's time to stop chasing after designers that are unreliable and expensive. Get your very own design team for a fraction of the cost.

No contract, no hidden fees

No surprises here! Pay the same fixed price each month.

Unlimited design

Get your design one at a time in just a few days on average.

Fast turnaround

Get your design one at a time in just a few days on average.

No hiring hassles

A dedicated design team ready to work on your design requests

Top-notch quality

Insane design quality at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Dedicated support

Personalized assistance and guidance throughout your design journey.

Our Services

What we do and assist?

Achieve a well-structured workflow with flawless design process executions.
Branding & Graphic Design


Branding Guides

Pitch Decks


Social Media Post

Digital Ads

Simple Infographics

Brochures and Flyers

Business Card


Printed Ads

Background Removal



Restaurant Menus

Photo Enhancements

E-Commerce Graphics

Ebook Covers

Podcast Covers

Event Invitations


Blog Images

Campaign Materials

Product Design





Tote Bag

Water Bottle


Packaging and Labels

Website Design


Landing Page





2D Illustration



Icon Illustration

Not listed here?

Please don't hesitate to request or consult with us if you have any requirements that we haven't covered yet.


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Simplify the way your design work gets done

Never before has ordering design online been this effortless. Submit your creative requests and get the first concept back in 1-2 business days.


Submit your design requests

Submit your design requests

Subscribe to the perfect plan that suits your needs and request as many designs as you'd like.


Our designers get to work

Our designers get to work

Expect your designs within just a few business days. Our designers work diligently from Monday to Friday.


Draft & revision

Perfect and finalise

Provide feedback and we'll refine until you're 100% satisfied, then we'll deliver your finalised designs and working files.

Service Plans

Get all your projects done
at one simple price

Get an on-demand design team for a single monthly payment, no surprises.

Design as a Service

We provide design service listed above and more. Ideal for start-ups or solo projects, delivering top-notch design services affordably.


Unlimited design

Unlimited revisions

Unlimited brands

Unlimited stock images

1 team member

One request at a time

1-2 working days turnaround

No contract, cancel anytime


Need additional digital services?

Web Development

WordPress / Custom web application

Digital Marketing

Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation, SEM, Content Strategy, Pay-Per-Click, Email Marketing and more.

All prices stated in SGD.


Frequently asked questions

We've got answers to all your questions.
Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time designer?

We understand, hiring a full-time designer can be a huge investment. With average annual costs exceeding $45,000 plus benefits, it might not always be feasible or practical. But don't worry! Our monthly plan presents the perfect solution. Our plan provides you with continuous access to our talented designers, ensuring you get value for your money throughout your subscription period. Furthermore, you maintain the freedom to cancel at any time.

Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?

No limits here! Once you subscribe, you'll be granted unlimited design requests. Add as many as you'd like to your queue, and our team will deliver them one by one, chronologically, ensuring that each design receives the attention it deserves.

Is there a limit to the revisions?

There is no limit to the number of revisions; we will keep revising until you are 100% satisfied.

How soon can I start my projects?

You can initiate your project within the first business day.

I have multiple brands and companies. Can you work on all of them?

Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of brands you can submit. We are equipped to handle multiple projects across various brands and companies.

How fast will I receive my designs?

We are committed to providing rapid yet quality service. On average, most requests are fulfilled within two days. However, for more intricate and complex designs, we take extra time to ensure we meet our top-notch standards. The exact delivery time can vary as each project is unique. For instance, while design work is generally delivered in 1 - 2 days, development work might require up to a month.

What’s the process like after I have paid?

Once your payment is complete, you will receive an onboarding email, and a designer will be assigned to you within one business day.

What if I need a design service that you don't provide?

As a leading design agency in the industry, we have a vast network of talented creative professionals. If you have a unique design request, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll try our best to assist you.

How do I request designs and communicate?

We utilise Trello for tracking and filing your requests, minimizing the back-and-forth often associated with email communications. If you're on our Business plan, you'll also have a dedicated Slack channel to facilitate seamless communication with our designers.

Is there any contracts involved?

There is no contract, and you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you decide to cancel, we will not charge you for the following month.

What if I don't like the design?

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority! We will work tirelessly to refine and revise the design until it exceeds your expectations. Rest assured, we won't stop until you are 100% satisfied.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

We are committed to delivering top-notch quality. Due to the nature of our work, we are unable to issue refunds. However, you're free to cancel the service anytime. Your satisfaction is crucial to us, and we promise to go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with the results.

Who are the designers?

At TripleGrowth, we take pride in our team of highly talented in-house designers. Each designer undergoes a rigorous selection process, passing stringent tests to ensure they meet our exceptional standards. We don't outsource our work, so when you partner with us, you'll have the pleasure of collaborating with a pool of passionate and award-winning creative designers. Rest assured, your designs will be crafted by the best in the industry, delivering outstanding results every time.

What kind of designs can TripleGrowth create?

Our comprehensive creative solution provides various services under a single plan, allowing you to streamline and maximize your design needs. However, please note that we currently do not provide 3D illustration services. Our available offerings include: - Graphic Design - Custom Illustrations - Presentation Design - Motion Graphics We are here to help you create a vast array of design elements, tailored to your specific needs.

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